Reverse osmosis

We help our clients achieve a higher water production yield while lowering overall operating costs.

Reverse osmosis

We help our clients achieve a higher water production yield at a lower cost using Process Simplification™.

Improved productivity

Reduced operating costs

Zero unscheduled downtime

Protect your membranes against scale, biological growth, and fouling

Reverse osmosis performance suffers when membranes become compromised with scale and biological fouling. High quality water production can become extremely expensive because of unscheduled downtime, frequent repairs, unnecessary waste disposal, and premature membrane degradation.

Why use kemco for your reverse osmosis systems

Less concentrate sent to waste

More permeate water produced

Better energy efficiency maintained

Are you satisfied with your RO performance?

At Kemco, we understand every reverse osmosis system is different. That’s why every treatment program we establish is entirely customized for the end-user.

Some systems suffer from scale problems involving barium and strontium sulfate. If the feed water is fresh, brackish, waste or seawater, variables like pH and oxidizing potential differ, so some systems require alternative treatment methodologies.

Through a careful autopsy of each membrane using Root Cause Analysis™, we oftentimes find the solution is Process Simplification™.

We frequently discover that an overuse of the very systems and chemicals put in place to improve a plant’s reverse osmosis processes are the real culprit behind the challenges in the system we are investigating.

Chemicals are almost always overused and overdosed to compensate for pretreatment underperformance.

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Start seeing results

Using key performance metrics, we demonstrate the impact your water treatment program is making on your heating, cooling, or process efficiency.

How we can help you

With our Irispond® line and with our Pure Water Partner KingLee Technologies’ solutions, we’re able to increase your membrane life while reducing overall chemical consumption and notably increasing your plant’s efficiency. The result? You will significantly reduce membrane replacement & cleaning frequency while increasing productivity. Save significant capital and increase your overall productivity.